Sabrina Beackley


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Sabrina Beackley is from Williamsport, Pa. with five children and one granddaughter with a very determined goal of becoming a psychologist in the future.  She holds an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice/Psychology and is currently attending Notre Dame College pursuing a Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology.  She has been studying the paranormal field for over eighteen years and has worked with some of the most educated people in the paranormal network.  She is the owner and founder of an educational/training paranormal group called (Ghost Under Investigation) of Northern Central Pennsylvania and the owner of (Para-Eventz), and brings the “strange and unusual” lectures /shows into her community.  Sabrina is a Pennsylvania's state affiliated for (Evermore Paranormal) and has appeared on many Internet talk shows.  She has also had the honor of speaking on (Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Radio) and recently appeared on WRAK with Ted Saul (Community Cares.) Sabrina is also a psychic/medium that has worked with several law-enforcement agencies across the United States with her psychic profiling abilities.

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