Marnie Ryder



This curiosity over the years has led to different forms of research and various educational avenues.  Marnie’s approach to her research is very eclectic and broad, as she believes the paranormal to be a universal understanding, not to be narrowed to one specific thought or theory.  Her journey as a healer began after graduating from CHI Institute in 1998 at the top of her class and has consistently worked as a medical assistant over the past fifteen years.  She has extended her knowledge to Reiki Level I training, practices the art of Yoga and has embarked on the Shamanic Path learning the art of indifference.  

As Marnie continues on her path and studies the paranormal, she has proven to be a very quick study as her interest and level of understanding grows with each investigation.  Her hobbies include outdoor photography, yoga, hiking & mountain climbing, holistic & energy healing.

Marnie prides herself, as does each team member of the organization, on developing a rapport with the other side as an “information seeker” and not to exploit or antagonize the spirits.  Her deep level of respect and dedication are clear signs of her determination to continue her research for many years to come.


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