Kathy Moore

Staff Investigator 

Protocol Administrator 



(My Paranormal Bio)

My interest in the paranormal started after living in a haunted house in my late teens. I wanted to know why some spirits departed and some did not. Was it a choice, or were they trapped?

I founded a team in 2009 and we have investigated houses, prisons, and cemeteries. We believe in respect for both the living and the dead. I am a victim advocate, animal lover, and caregiver. My team and I have done investigations, house blessings and counseling to help the client understand what is or is not happening in their house and how to handle it. One of the most rewarding house blessings was performed at a police officer’s new home.

I believe my one job on earth is to help others in need. I was voted and received “Woman of the Year” for my work with domestic violence victims. I studied forensics and police studies at the University of Baltimore. I had the honor of assisting the Medical Examiner’s office get ready for a certification. I wrote a 26 page report on “Suicide By Cop” that I would like to have published by the FBI. I love researching and reading. Public speaking is a favorite pastime, I have given talks on the dangers of domestic violence and the effects on the family and friends at churches and events.

I am also a caregiver and medical advocate. I have served as medical advocate for a friend who was overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis. I went to doctor appointments to find options and helped my friend make the decision to have surgery and understand all of the aftercare that would be needed. I formed a support team to help with transportation for his mother and making sure important people were informed of progress. Bringing all of my talents to the table have helped me and my team to help others feel at peace, feel understood and know that they are not alone.

My goal is to continue to help others however I can. In addition I would like to write a book on my experiences in the paranormal field. I would also like to write a program for the police academy on how new officers can be trained to better understand how domestic violence victims think, feel, react to police and how to help more effectively.



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