Herman (MIKE) Stevenson M.S.

Staff Position: Director of Operations

 Lecturer, Paranormal Researcher, Audio  & Broadcast Engineer, Inventor, Radio Host &

 Our Founder

  Mike, or the Professor as he is also called, has a long history in the paranormal.  He had his first experience in 1958 being lifted 4 feet in the air and carried up a flight of stairs by an unseen entity.  Then again in 1963 a paranormal encounter of the third kind with very interesting results.  From then on he has been researching information on all aspects of the unknown.   Long before he became a paranormal investigator, he had many experiences of both the paranormal and supernatural in nature.  Since being fortunate to having accumulated over forty years of experience in electrical and broadcast engineering, he has been able to utilize this knowledge in scientific experimentation and inventions in the paranormal. 


      Mike is a member of several paranormal societies and is affiliated with several core groups in his area.  He is the Director of Research with The Paranormal Man Organization and the Audio Specialist for The Society of the Haunted Research Group.  He is a member of several different Meet-Up groups.  He is the Organizer and Chief Instructor for The Investigators League In addition, Mike has been the Historian for The Haunted Ramblewood House, better known as The Worthington House, since 2009.  He is an avid fan and follower of Dr. Dave Oester and a trained member of The International Ghost Hunting School {I.G.H.S.}.  In addition, he is a proud member of The International Paranormal Acknowledgment Awards Organization {I.P.A.A.}.   Mr. Stevenson keeps abreast of paranormal techniques and new innovations from across the United States.  Internationally he is a research member, in good standing, with THE GHOST CLUB, Suffolk, England.  This is the oldest and most respected research group in the world with memberships dating back to 1863  He also operates the largest paranormal web site with over 100 web pages of on line information.



       Mr. Stevenson is also a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science Degree and The University of Phoenix obtaining his Masters Degree in Informational Systems.  Additionally, Mike holds many certifications in both commercial and government electronics.  Mike has over 40 years experience as an electrical engineer twelve as a Broadcast Audio Engineer.


      Mr. Stevenson is also a trained public speaker and has spoken at many paranormal and scientific conventions since 2012.  In 2013, Mike has also co-hosted a weekly live Para-science streaming radio talk show with Rev. Bill Bean called, “Bill Bean and The Roundtable”; a panel discussion program.  Mike is also an author of several reference books on genealogical and historical information involving the paranormal as well as two other books on true ghost stories.  He is also working on many new books, one of witch involves several frozen case murders correcting several urban legions.   His audio & video work has been mentioned in many books by other authors such as John Sabol .  Mike’s video work has been used on several popular paranormal TV shows such as, A Haunting on the Discovery Channel and I was Possessed on Lifetime Movie Network.   He is also known by them as a  authoritative Demonologist and Ordained Deliverance Minister.  He has also received the coveted I.P.A.A. award for his paranormal photography work in 2014.  



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