Angelina StevensonA


Junior Lead Investigator.

Angel discovered at the early age of fourteen that she was a full Sensitive (Ghost Whisperer).  A family ability handed down to her from her Grandfather and her Great Grandmother the acclaimed "Freda Kiminski", a powerful Sensitive and card and Tea leaf reader.  The physic stress was at first overwhelming for both her and other entities who pass through our world and do not wish to be seen or known.   This started a physic battle from the start but with careful guidance from her Grandfather, "Herman (MIKE) Stevenson", She spent many hours reading many books on the subject including books by and helpful instructions from the very acclaimed, "Chip Coffey", she is now on her journey helping others find answers to puzzling questions.    Angel also works with our sponsored Meet-Up group, The Investigators League as there Junior Lead Investigator.

Angel is a delightful colleague and a credit to our staff.



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