The Government Center

((The Sky is the Limit Group)

Dundalk, Md.

June 18th 2010




The pictures below were all taken with a full spectrum camera and ultra violet lighting.  The first picture is untouched the second has the observed space in black & white.  No alterations were made to any photo!



      This  set of photos was taken in a supply room to the right of the projection room.  People often complained of a Japanese Solider appearing in the  balcony area.



This  set of photos was taken from the back of the auditorium on the landing between the first and second floors to the balcony.  It would seem that I was being watched by someone.



 Returning down from the balcony in the dark I had this feeling I was being followed.  When I got to the bottom of the stairs I quickly turned and snapped my photo catching the entity descending the stairs behind me.


E V P's


Wile recording from the front of the auditorium near the stage we recorded a young girl singing.  There were no young people in the auditorium at that time.  Wile others were investigating  on there own no one was singing old or young.   We were able to bring you this EVP.

E V P- "Mommy I am singing" 

E V P - "Mommy I am singing" enhanced


 As I continued to record from the Auditorium I encountered a strange jungle bird type sound that no one recalls hearing during the investigation 

E V P class-B normal


 When I checked my recording from the balcony I found I also had encountered a strange jungle bird type sound that no one recalls hearing during the investigation.  The difference here was at the end of the 19 second of sounds it seemed that the pattern of noise changed into words and ended with "MARY"

E V P class-B "Mary"- normal

E V P class-B "Mary"- enhanced


It seems that this strange noise has also been picked up by the stage recorder.  I do believe that since no one noticed the strange sound it is a anomaly HOWEVER I DONOT believe it is paranormal. 


E V P strange noise- normal


My final recording was made on the stage.  There was a group of girls doing an EVP session.  During the session that you can hear in the background was a sound as if someone was caught by surprise.  


E V P class-B "Whooo"- normal

E V P class-B "Whooo"- enhanced

Just the E V P- normal

Just the E V P- enhanced



An E V P recorded on one machine and played back on another may not always give you the same results.  Some speakers are better then others as the CODECS on some computers sound cards reproduce with a higher quality then others.  All clips recorded on this page were processed through a    A V S model 6.1 (PRO) AUDIO EDITOR and a THUNDERING E. C. S.  DOLBY 5.1 sound card



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