The Old Red Mill

Investigation Results

Clinton, Nj.



A wonderful restoration and 

A wonderful investigation with many strange accuracies. 






The red square shows us that a confederate soldier is standing in the door way.  My partner and I both seen it.  I even took a photo of it, but when we returned to the house it was not there.  There was no manikin or uniform that someone could have put on and there was no one in the building at the time of the photo. 



This close up shows the soldier standing by the door yellow square.  The red square shows what could be an anomaly of a creature standing with one hand on the door.  The small green square seems to be the skull of a child slightly covering the left side of the soldiers face.



This is the inside of the school room we had just seen.   We see no strange apparitions in the room but with this photo being taken with a I.R. camera we do see some strange objects on the black board.  Where as they could be a matrix, they only showed up using this type of camera and not to the naked eye.  there seemed to be many faces on the blackboard showing up and a renaissance person with a feather in his cap reaching out.   


 Do you see what we see? 

We see what seems to be a medieval man with a feather in his hat standing with his left hand lifted out as if he were holding something like a lantern and below him are animals.



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We had many investigators tell us that they were seeing an apparition in the sand box in the corner of the room.  I viewed two video's from our team.  The first was debunked easily as it was dirt on the lenses.  The second was a little harder to debunk.  It required us to investigate the house.  We set up A Ultri-Violet video recorder and lamp.  We found that using it an a investigation the entity's never seemed to be bothered by it.  What ever it was  both became visible and bumped into our microphone a few times.


E. V. P.'s


E V P -Complete 

E V P -"No"

I asked the first question.  I was hoping that we could start off  by being friendly so I asked them to come closer to us to speak.


E V P -Complete 

E V P -"No"

Wile in the second floor back room we asked many questions.  Drew asked if this was an entity's home?


E V P -Complete 

E V P -"Movement  Sounds"

On our way the third floor we left a recorder in the stair well.  You can hear my footsteps going up the steps and Drew's voice as I tripped and stepped on his foot.  After I turned the corner entering the third floor we recorded movement of the audio device itself and the noise of other movement around the audio recorder.


We saved the best for last!


E V P -Complete 

E V P -"A Month"

E V P -"Yes"

Wile Drew and I were investigating the Apartment house on the grounds, using our RT-EVP, we managed to get the best EVP of the night, a true CLASS-A from two different entities.  Drew asked how long the entity had lived there.  It answered to our surprise, "A MONTH".  I then made a statement that I believe I heard something from the earphones, 



As the CODECS on some computers sound cards reproduce with a higher quality then others.  All clips recorded on this page were processed through a    A V S model 7.2   (PRO) AUDIO EDITOR and a THUNDERING E. C. S.  DOLBY 5.1 sound card


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