The Investigation of

The  Haunted 

Ramblewood White House

 ( Worthington Plantation House )






This is the left wall in the children's bed room.  The top photo is a still from a full spectrum camera.  The room has been lit by using a Infra-Red flood lamp.  The items displayed are dolls and wooden cutouts sitting on the floor along the left wall.  The lower photo is the same as the top one and has certain areas numbered to explain an anomaly.  Item #1.....Is plainly the shadow from the wooden bunny rabbit,  Item #2.....Is the shadow from the hat of the country doll in front of  the rabbit.  Item #3.....Is the shadow from the right arm of the country doll.  There are no other objects in front of the country doll or between it and the Infra-Red flood lamp.  Item #4.....Is a dark shadow of a doll or baby leaning off to the right.  It is darker then all other shadows and if you zoom in on the photo it seems to have eyes and some facial feathers.  Taking all of this in consideration it just  may be a shadow baby?

 A different angle showing the shadow child seeming to be going toward the chair that Kathy put a pad on the seat for a child to write or draw on.

{This is a blow-up of the shadow baby}


This is the famous servants stairway that we get many sounds of things being dropped in and voices coming through.  At one morning about 4:00 am, I actually heard, and felt, banging on the wall and a male and female arguing, he seemed to be banging her against the wall brutally.  This was the first time this part of the old servants staircase had been opened to the public, where the walls were modified from the original passageway to the kitchen.  


Our EMI's

Can you still come out and play with us?    YES

Recorded EMI question and answer

Kathy and I were in the children's room asking the children and any others there a few questions.  This was the first response we had all night.  Although the child answered YES to my question we had no noticeable movement there, unless you count the shadow child above.  The base frequency was 761Hz. {Entity group 4}


The second response was a strange one.  Kathy had ask if anyone there was afraid of anything?  the response she received was, "Bullet Space Walk"

At first the response made no sense.   I was speaking to an investigator who came to, RAMBLEWOOD, who worked at NASA.  She informed me that the space station in orbit had just found a hole in the outer covering of the space station about the size of a bullet, and was working to repair it.   Strange that the spirits are up to date on current science.


E M I - entire clip 

 "Kathy....Kathy.....Kathy look we are not hurt......Kathy.....Kathy look we are not hurt"

 At It seems that everyone wonted to talk to Kathy this weekend.  As I always say the more you talk to them the more they will respond.  The response above about the bullet more then likely came from an adult spirit.  This response, from a child, I believe was in reference to her original question.  about being afraid of anything.  The children were explaining that they were not hurt.


E M I - entire clip 

"Mrs. Gillespie here......"

This may seem real strange but I have found it accruing many times with EMI's.  At first the name had no validity as to being an authentic EMI.   {The responses should always have some reference to the question or the person asking it}   After checking with Kathy it seems that the person answering her was a dead relative.    


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