The Investigation of

The  Haunted 

Ramblewood White House

 ( Worthington Plantation House )





The first ever recorded Photo of an apparition at the

famous Worthington Plantation House on the Ramblewood property!

There was no one in the building when the photo was taken.

II was most fortunate to be there as I was debunking

another observation and found the Photo's only after a second run through 

of the debunking evidence!  This photo has been authenticated.



It is believed through folklore that this is the famous Anna Worthington who waited at the Cupola in her younger years for the return of her lover fighting in the Civil War.  Information that I have uncovered proves that it could not have been Anna because she would have been to young, However her sister Sallie Worthington would have been 16 at that time and would fit the circumstances since one of the men who died was a 17 year old boy from then Baltimore County and now known as HARFORD County.  She in this Apparition returns to a time she most remembers through grief and waits for him.  Research revealed that her lover was one of the men aboard the ill fated Monitor that sank in a storm off Cape Hatters, N.C. wile being towed to port for repairs at Beaufort, N.C. on December 31st 1862.  Sallie Worthington died a spinster at age 26 in 1874.



The Cupola from the inside shows us the approximate height of the apparition that appeared looking out the window in the lift bottom two window panes in the far left window of this photo. 





In the basement in a whole that descends into a chamber that once connected a tunnel from the house to a cottage on the water front and was used by many black slaves to escape there masters along the Under Ground Rail Road.  It was last used by 7 of 8 that completed the trip and escaped Maryland with Harriett Tubmen on her final trip through Maryland in 1859.  

On this same visit as above I attached a camera to a tripod and set the camera to take pictures automatically.  It took pictures every 17 seconds until the batteries ran out.   Unfortunately the batteries being brand new still only lasted long enough to take 3 pictures.  Fortunately they were good ones.  Using the plastic pipe elbow as a marker one can see that the first picture above has an object on the left bottom corner coming into frame and is not a camera strap because there was none on that camera.  This is unknown at this time but in next frame 17 seconds later reveals something directly in front of the camera.  Using the plastic elbow again as a marker and using the lower left corner of the photo for reference you could say that the object appears to have a head and a scolder in front of the lenses and is almost on top of the camera.



In the final photo 17 seconds after the second photo it is obvious that the camera has been touched and moved.  Since the tunnel is now closed off since 1974 there is no other way of entering  excerpt from the whole in the floor.  There were no animals detected in the holding room and my tripod blocked the entrance.  My only conclusion that is was an unknown entity that we were viewing.


On this visit I recorded no EVP's

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UPDATED 09/21/2016




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