Ramblewood White House

(Worthington Dividend)

Darlington, Md.


Investigation Results

October 15th 2015



She first appeared from inside the mirror.  Using the I R camera we were able

see her and even measure her size.  Then she walked through to our world. 



The front hall mirror is an old lead mirror that reflects more then

light.  Not seen with the eye and only a ripple with the I R camera.

A figure of a girl is caught moving in the corner in front of the mirror.




As can be seen by the photos presented, there is some strange things going on

 with the the old lead mirror in the front lobby.  In every investigation at THE

HAUNTED RAMBLEWOOD HOUSE, the front lobby and mirror have shown us

some very strange happenings both in photos and in our recordings.


EMI's and EVP AUDIO clips


EMI  entire clip 

"This was recorded from the front hall after I had retired to the BUTLERS ROOM just after 3am.  I at first thought it was a door slamming.  When I go to bed I lock 

the front door and also the door of the room I am sleeping in.  I was alone in the building and this recording occurred at about 3:30am.   I was extremely tired

and therefore fell off to sleep right away.  As I said at first I thought this was a door slamming.  After playing it several times I am no longer certain.  It is definitely a 

percussion sound.  It has an equal rise and fall as seen in the oscilloscope display.  What is even stranger is that the recording sounded the same weather played 

forward or reverse.   What was it?  What made the sound in the room it was recorded and who could have made it with no one there?



EMI DOOR SLAM entire clip

Now this too I thought was a door slamming.  After playing it this one several times, again I am no longer certain.  It is definitely a  sound of something slamming.

  In examining the oscilloscope display we can see a difference.   This is something slamming but has two bumps.  After a wile I started to believe it to be a

drawer slamming shut, but from where?  The only drawers were either in my room or the library but not in the hall.  As I have said many times after 3am 

things start to move in this house!  






This was recorded in the library.  It seems that someone must have been bringing in slaves in the night to  be hidden in the attic for escape across the Mason Dixon line 

and the Susquehanna River to safety.  The Worthington's often moved slaves to safety along the Underground Railroad.



EMI HAY normal

EMI HAY enhanced


Did someone get out of line or lag behind?  It seems that someone was certainly trying to get someone's attention!





EMI AM I DEAD? normal

EMI AM I DEAD? enhanced


This was in interesting EMI as it was the first time I became aware that  I was receiving direct communications from the dead.  

 In as much that the EMI was recorded  I also heard it directly in my head.  The evidence is in the fact that I was repeating 

what I had heard before the entity repeated what he had said.




EMI WHO AM I? normal

One may wonder when asking this question?  This recording was made wile using the OVULES as a medium.  

Listen closely wile I ask questions and get very precise answers.  It becomes very evident at the end that they know just exactly who I am.



An E V P recorded on one machine and played back on another may not always give you the same results.  Some speakers are better then others as the codecs on some computers sound cards reproduce with a higher quality then others.  All clips recorded on this page were processed through a    A V S model 8.0 (PRO) AUDIO EDITOR and a THUNDERING E. C. S.  DOLBY 6.1 sound card





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