The Investigation of

The  Haunted 

Ramblewood White House

 ( Worthington Plantation House )






This is the famous servants stairway that we get many sounds of things being dropped

on the floor and stairs.  We also get the sounds of footsteps going up and down.

Look at the close up on the right.  Do you see the faces in the window?

Recorded THUMP sounds 

 Recorded thump sounds that came @ 00:36:15 after Midnight then @ 00:37:30 and last @ 00:48:15  

This is the recording of the actual sounds of things being dropped on the staircase, and the time intervals displayed.

As you can see, the thumps get loader as they get closer to the step where the recorder is.



As far as I can tell this seems to be a picture that the spirits allowed me to take.  It was taken from the 

Cupola looking into the area known as the School Room.   



The next photo has a Women I believe to be Mary Worthington, (outlined in red), laying on 

the floor in front of a broken desk.  The desk seems to have another figure under it.




 In this final photo from the School Room, I have outlined a figure of what appears to be a man crawling up to the Women 

(outlined in blue) I am not sure who or what the ghostly figure, (outlined in yellow), was or is.  There also seems

 to be object in the upper right-hand corner of the photo.  It seems to be protruding from the wall and there

seems to be another figure there not entirely visible.  Could this be the entity that allowed me to take the photo

 or is it the one (outlined in yellow)?  We are still looking for the truth.  From what we can see in this photo it believe

 this is a photo of the rape of Mary Worthington.


Our EMI's


E M I - entire clip 



According to the biblical book of Esther, Memucan was one of the seven vice-regents of the Persian King Ahasuerus. It is not stated in the text explicitly, but it is the generally accepted belief that Memucan and Haman were the same person. Wikipedia


I am sleeping in the Butlers room but this is not my voice and even if it were why would I yell out in my sleep the words, “MEMUCAN”?  The camera recording this was clear across the room on the fireplace mantle.  This mantle seems to collect much activity.   The interesting thing about this the word reference it self.    Again remembering that this is a house built for and housed by Quakers.  Quakers were by self beliefs followed many of the laws of MOSES.   It does seem that between the hours of 3:30am and 5:30am is the most active there.  

 QUESTION:  Since often through the Ovilus device I am referred to as "MIKE" and the "OTHER or HIM", could this reference be in conjunction with, "The Prince who seen the face of the King"?  So referencing a connection between MIKE & HERMAN as being the same person and biblically MEMUCAN & HAMAN are the same person, The name sets are similar?     


Memucan [N] [H] [S] Esther 1:14,16,21 me-mu'-kan (memukhan; derivation unknown but probably of Persian origin)

  Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary

Dignified, one of the royal counselors at the court of Ahasuerus, by whose suggestion Vashti was divorced ( Esther 1:14Esther 1:16 Esther 1:21 ).

One of "the seven princes of Persia and Media, who saw the king's face, and sat first in the kingdom." Ahasuerus consults these men, as those "that knew law and judgment," as to the proper treatment of the rebellious Vashti. Memucan is the spokesman of the reply. He recommends Vashti's deposition so that "all the wives will give to their husbands honor, both to great and small." This advice is adopted and incorporated into a royal decree--with what success is not said.


E M I - entire clip 

E M I - just the EMI 



This is only the second time that my first name has been called out.  The first time it was the Over Seers checking on me in April of 2016.  This time a Female voice is calling me from the Butlers Room wile I am sleeping.  I did need to do some filtering but her voice is very plane and distinct.  (I need to find a way to wake up when someone is there to speak to me)


E M I - entire clip 


 At the beginning of the clip you can plainly hear the Ovilus calling out my name.  At the end from 2 rooms and a long hall away you can hear the sound of something being dropped on the staircase.   


E M I - entire clip 

"AMMMM    Barbara......"

O K!  So This may seem real strange.  According to a dead man who resides at Ramblewood, His former Girl Friend or could be his ex-wife, has fallen in love with me.  In a former investigation he stated, " THAT BITCH BARBARA IS IN LOVE WITH YOU! ".  According to this recording I captured in the Butlers Room where I sleep, It would seem that she got me..........LOL.



E M I - entire (original unfiltered) clip 


Kathy's voice, "What the hell!"

E M I - entire (original filtered) clip 


Kathy's voice, "What the hell!"

This was the strangest EMI that I have ever recorded.   It was about 4:00am in the morning and Kathy Moore and I were investigating in the cupola.  All of a sudden a spine tingling voice echoed through all the windows very load and rattling all the windows.  Seconds later the same voice came echoing from the staircase and down the hall toward us.  This was the audio recorded from one of our full spectrum cameras.  The original clip and the filtered one strangely exposes different phrases.  

E M I - 1st filtered clip 


We were also recording during an EVP/EMI session.  The audio from the RT-EVP unit did pick up the audio at an angle that gave us  a much clearer version of what was said.  Both this and the above recordings were in answer to an earlier EVP/EMI session I preformed in the old Tanning Room.  I was asking the entity there to give me my missing information in regards to the real information on how Emily Worthington had died.  I accused him of being the one that caused her death, then awaited his response.


E M I - 2nd filtered clip 


As I said this was the strangest recording of an EMI that I have ever recorded.  What was more strange was the fact that both recordings did give us the same voice and the same words but it also gave us several other words that were super imposed over the original phrase.  I was rather surprised when this phrase came out of the filters.

E M I - Extended area of the clip 

"Who had shot me?"

In this filtered clip, It seems that the devil is asking me a question.  The strange thing is this is the first time we have received this information.  It is giving us more in the information as to what had transpired, both during and after the deaths of Mary and Emily.  Then we had ever had before.  This is what Emily had asked me to do is get the truth out.  This clip was at the end of the original audio we were filtering and we did not notice it at first.


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