The Investigation of

The  Haunted 

Ramblewood White House

 ( Worthington Plantation House )



     The rest of our investigation!


Wile I was attempting to get an EVP through the SB-11 we received a unusual EMI from the audio track

of the camera filming me in the cupola.  What you are about to hear are the voices of what I call

the OVER SEE'RS .  First you will hear a women's voice humming.  Then you will hear a male

voice asking the question?  "Who is doing the testing?  "  The female voice answers 

" HERMAN  ".  Now here is the big question, could this have been members of the investigating

crew?  NO, because not one person who was there that weekend new my first name was HERMAN.

Everyone there only new me by middle name "Mike or Michael"


E M I - entire clip 

This is the antic mirror sitting against the wall in the front hall.  I placed a camera with audio near it to record people going in and out of the library.  First notice the reflection of a women sitting on a stool in front of the mirror with her hands by her side and lags folded.  No such women was sitting there and there was no stole. 

This audio clip with an E M I was recorded wile investigators were chatting in the library.  Someone even said what was that sound.  Now who was Jacob?

" Hay Jacob....Hay Jacob..... Hay .....Jacob "

 E M I - entire clip 

E M I - filtered clip 


 Wile investigators were using there SB11 and asking questions the OVER SEE'RS  were still checking to keep an eye so to speak on what was going on.

" What are you checking now? "

 E M I - entire clip 

E M I - filtered clip 

With the group together in the cupola again using there SB11 and asking questions an unexpected thing happens to the four of them.  A cold spot moves between them.  The gentlemen far left has a temperature change reading from his equipment.   The investigator to the right of him feels the cold spot move across her knees.

The investigator far right finds it going past her face but believes it came from the window.  The windows had just been repaired and all new glass installed.  Now there gauss meter is confirming the presents.

 AUDIO - entire clip 

A very interesting thing occurred during the investigation that night.  Wile Kathy and I were in the School room and Cupola area respectively, two anomalies occurred at the same time.  Wile Kathy was investigating in the School room, Jo Ann was in the kids room retrieving her folding chair she left there.

A static glitch showed up on the camera in the kids room  at 58 minuets and 54 seconds into hour two of the recording or approximately 01:58:54 am.  What is strange is that during the static discharge that interrupted the video I was able to retrieve a still of that moment.  (see slide on the left)  

In that slide at 58:54 the center of the still shows Jo Ann's leg and the rungs of her folding chair.  On the right is a still slide of the actual time she walked through the room. As can be seen it was at a time of 01:00:01.218 or at 2:01am.  The anomaly is that the video was recorded 61.678seconds before it happened.

  Even more strange is at that same moment Kathy in the School room had a static shock of substantial level by merely touching a wooden door frame.  (audio clip below)

AUDIO - entire clip 

Near the end of the audio clip there was a unknown voice that commented on the experience.  I am not sure where it came from but did sound like it was in the same room as us.  Checking the frequency it is not on a normal base frequency that I have encountered before but doesn't show up as human.  ( see above )  Kathy and I were alone at the time of the anomaly as the other investigators were in the next room and on the stairs.

 E V P - " WOW "

During our last investigation here in November of 2015, a strange thing occurred.  Wile Kathy and I were doing an Ovules session in the cupola we started getting communications from someone calling me out as "MIKE" and telling me that "Barbara" was there and she loves me.   All through the weekend an entity continued to tell me of Barbara.  I do not recall if I ever spoke to her.  The interesting thing is late Friday night Kathy was on the porch and thought I was in my van parked near the porch.  She observed my side passenger car door open and close as if someone got out of the car, she thought it was me there but never seen anyone exit the car. (unfortunately she did not record it)

The entity seems to me back as the entity seems to be calling me out again.  I wile in the Cupola had my Ovules call out "MIKE" and others were hearing "MIKE" from there SB11, wile in the Cupola.

Ovules E V P - " MIKE "

Later wile using the Ovules in the School room the entity spoke of "Barbara" again.


Ovules E V P - " go barb "

Ovules E V  P - " go barb FILTERED "

At one point the entity seemed to be talking directly to Barbara.  I get the impression that it is a male talking to me.  He seemed to acknowledge that Barbara was in the room but what she was doing I was unable to tell.

"O  "

Ovules E V P - " barb playing"

Ovules E V  P - "  barb playing FILTERED "

There were a couple of investigators doing a session in the kids room.  One of the investigators was talking for most of the hour that they both were in there.  As I have given instructions many times to investigators it is important to always remember to give the entities time for them to speak or answer a question.  If you do all the talking that will be all you get is you talking.  Another rule to remember is to keep all  your talking and discussions on the investigation.  NEVER talk about people not there and DO-NOT talk about things you do wrong.  The reason is that you may and often will conger up a demon and then because of your inexperience with them you will be in big trouble. 

The one thing that did result from this mistake made by the person was that when several demons appeared and spoke I was able to record and analyze there communication.  Before the demon spoke an entity that seems to have spoken before said, " DAM  "  The demon made the following statement!

" Lets go to the store and get them "

 E V P - entire clip 

E V P- filtered clip 


DAM  "

 E M I - clip " DAM " 

What I did find out was that demons and this will include Angels, (as they are of the same breed), do not have a base frequency like humans and spirits or even animals.   They do have a phase shift carrier frequency at 3,148 to 3,178 hertz in there communication.


As seen the band starts at 19 hertz @ -27db with the carrier frequency spike showing.


Here we show that the frequency band ends @ 7578 hertz but at -73db.  

It takes much filtering to bring out what is said.


Manny questions still need to be answered?  I am hoping that our next visit will resolve some of them.  We still need to know Why an entity stated, " SHE HAS CHANGED " three times in a row.  We also still need to know who Ingrid is or was?   We still need to find out who Nadine is?   There is still the question of why an entity was calling out for Jacob?  I myself wile still looking for miss right would like to know more about Barbara or at least get to see her even if she is a ghost LOL


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