The Investigation of

The  Haunted 

Ramblewood White House

 ( Worthington Plantation House )



Infra-Red photo's at the famous

 Worthington Plantation House on the Ramblewood property!

The library room and the front hall all seem clear here.  



The hall way was tested with a RED GREEN lazar to detect movement. 

The second floor room (6) or Emily's room as it is sometimes called.  

 Has a strange reflection under Infra-Red looking like small foot prints.

Strangely the 3rd floor landing had no activity until everyone went to bed about 3am.  After that it was noted that there was

activity on the third floor with no one up there,  { You could hear things dropping on the floor.} 

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              Look at this picture in the Butlers room.                                    With the picture processed this way is it more visible?    

                        Do you see anyone in the chair?                       Some of us do...........Do you?         


This still was taken from the School room.  Why does this spot have missing lazar lights?

From the FLIR   it seems to be showing the same spot only it seems to be HOT?

Is it corresponding with same area that the lazar dots are disappearing?   Very close!

With only a few seconds passing and Kathy's gauss meter showing a sudden increase, we also see a figure coming from

the supply room.  Kathy and I were the only two people there.  Who or what came out of the room?

Now wile I was looking at a hot spot that appeared in the window area inside the supply room, it seems that

there are two different figures coming toward me as I sat in the cupola.  Who or what were they?

Manny questions to be answered?

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UPDATED 10/10/2016




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