The Investigation of

The  Haunted 

Ramblewood White House

 ( Worthington Plantation House )




This is a small space in the basement.  The space has a small area near the circuit breakers and is where the old slave Nathan resides.  We seem to have an imprint of his face in the wall.  This is also where we most often get our EVP's from.


Now here are two photos taken from the same direction.  The photos are stills from a movie camera pulled because there seems to be some action in the photo on the right.  The second photo was taken only 1/20th of a second after the first but shows us two distinct things.  Number 1, is a white object, center right.  At first I thought it was skin, now I am not sure after looking at it zoomed in because in has both lines and white spots not to mention the fact that it has distinctive lines of grain in it.   The other is in the lower middle and seems to be a brown colored face of some kind.  



 This is the bottom of the slave escape tunnel.  Wile recording audio in this tunnel we received some unusual audio.  First we picked up the sound of marching!

Marching Sounds

We then recorded a voice perhaps telling the slaves to move in a straight line. 

EVP-Come Straight Now

As far as I can logically understand this last EVP from the basement area and is not a residual as the others are, is a spirit consoling someone.  I have not been able to comprehend the circumstances surrounding the statement or who the spirit was referring to as "My Soldier"

EVP-No Pain My Soldier



The famous Omwah on the first floor.  An interesting fact is that the dresser often vibrates at night.  We have learned from my Grand Daughter Angel Stevenson a Full Whisper has told us that the Boy that comes down to the first floor goes in and out of the dresser in order to get to the back yard.   You see, the back door to the house was once directly behind the Omwah when the room was a sun porch in the 1800.   At different hours of the night the room vibrates loudly and produces a load humming sound.

EVP-Omwah vibrates and moves the coat hanger hanging on a hook!



A strange  thing about the room is that in the middle of the night the room will often start to vibrates loudly for several minuets at a time.  We have never found a reason for the vibration or what is causing it.

EVP-A Rumble




EVP-More Vibrating



This is the children's bedroom.  The children are always the most active.  One interesting note is the male children seem to be more outspoken as far as letting us record them but the female children seem to answer more of the questions.  We do know that there were two sets of children that have resided in the children's bedroom over the years.  It seemed that both sets contain an older girl with a younger brother.  One set of children, the Boy roams around the house on all floors.  The second set it is the Girl that roams the house.  We only know one of the Girls names,  "ARLEEN"


In this first and second EVP clip I was recording wile a group, "M.P.R.T.", was doing a EVP session using Divining Rods.  A young Women was sitting on the floor, against the wall near the door,  asking questions.  It seems that the spirit she was contacting was not responding to the questions as fast as she required.  (NOTE-The Paranormal Man Organization, NEVER dictates to the spirits or require them to perform as if they were in a circus!  It is against our standards and bylaws to do so)    

 The first EVP was recorder in the children's room opposite of the Girl speaking and the door, when the recorder picked up this EVP

EVP-Arleen go sneak into the closit (From the Room)


 Oscillograph of the EVP and the Investigator

EVP-Arleen go sneak into the closit (From the doorway of the next room)

 Oscillograph of the EVP and the Investigator from the next room

 An interesting note here, wile the young girl was using the divining rods asking her questions she got a leg cramp and had to get up and go to the break room.   An older women sat down and took her place.  Evidently the young Boy did not care much for her or her questions and proceeded to tell us so. 

"l don't like her!"

EVP-I don't like her!



The school room, every room on this 3rd floor has a special way of giving you some interesting EVP's

Now here is a great Residual, recorded from the school room with no one even in the building.  It seems to go back to the old Quaker days when Mary Worthington was teaching there.  We do not hear Mary's voice but the one worker who came to see Mr. William Worthington had something to say!


Now here is an interesting Residual for you.  My question is are they hearing us or are we hearing them?



Now let us move on to some to some real time EVP's

I was investigating with the "M.P.R.T.", crew.  We were all sitting in the cupola area investigating.  We heard a noise from the school room area.  Now back when this investigation  was made I only was able to record the noise.  Since I am posting this nine years later my audio equipment has greatly improved and discovered some additional EVP's from he same recording. 

The original recording as it was untouched.

EVP-Strange Bump?

Oscillograph of the EVP

Now we will listen and see the enhanced EVP

EVP-Strange Bump {Enhanced}

EVP-He's that one!



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