The Investigation of

The  Haunted 

Ramblewood White House

 ( Worthington Plantation House )




This is the back window in the center of the rear of the house.  We were taking some pictures around the house, when taking the pictures of this window we discovered the face and arms of a young boy in the lower left window.  The photo on the right has the window pane enhanced.   Do you see the face in the window?

 Here is a enlargement of the Boy with his arms raised as if saying look Mom they are clean!


{I normally DO NOT use such a grainy photograph but this was the only copy I was able to obtain.}

 This photo was taken in February of 2014 by a paranormal group from Pennsylvania.  It is hard to make out but this being the same window that I captured the photo of the boy, (4) years earlier, showing the boy with his Mother standing in the center of the window and his sister on the opposite side.  {It is rear to get photos from a different year authenticating another with the same spirits}



From the Library Room one can see an old item from the past.  The fireplace chair, was used to warm the master of the house's feet.  He would come in from the fields sit and remove his boots then warm his tired feet.  We have found transient spirits coming and using the chair.



 The light over the fireplace also has a strange history.  Many times wile investigating there we have found that one of the lamps over the fireplace had a loose bulb and of course the lamp was not working.  The interesting thing is that even wile we are in the room you can here the working lamp being unscrewed until it also goes out BUT only if we have our backs to it at the time.


My dissertation with the spirits

E M I - entire clip 

 It has been said that I talk to much.  This was the first time and the last I would do an EMI session for 18 minuets.  


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