The Investigation of


The Haunted Amusement Park  

@  Lake Shawnee

Princeton, W. V.



A beautiful landscape and a special crew of investigators.  




It was a very long drive there so the first night we had little time to do any investigating.  We had been told by Mr. White (The property Owner), several groups had been there at the camping site, (The old Indian ceremony camp fire area), and were run off by the Shawnee Indians wile they slept, it was said that one group ran off screaming in the middle of the night.  I could not sleep and took first watch to see if any of the information could be true.  It was said that they called the next day stating what had happened and that they would not return.

Wile I sat at the camp fire at about 2:30 in the morning, I noticed a strange cloud or mist was moving across the large field in front of me.   It came up to the tent where my daughter was sleeping and hovered above the tent.  It looked like the faces of children looking into the tent, several of us there have Indian decent, this was the only incident that night.

I have the opportunity of taking many paranormal pictures.  There is no secret, a voice tells me when to snap the picture.  I have the clairvoyant ability of knowing when there is another entity in my presents.  In the picture above my voice said to take the picture of the sliding board.  Close examination of the photo revealed there were over twelve entities in the back ground of the picture.  Even though in blowing up the picture does remove some of the clarity, the results are evident.

      A blow up of the center left side of the picture, (picnic area), Because we are looking at a blow up of a picture 10 Acers away it is missing clarity, however  the women wearing an apron is very plan to see with her arms outstretched.  in further analyses of the area we can count six children with her playing, Ring around the Rosie.


This was interesting as it was in the same area but closer to the center of the above picture.  The first of the two pictures above are near the Spot-A-Pot.  We are uncertain if there are people in the picture and that may be a person upper left but what was interesting to us was that objects were appearing not just people.  In both pictures there seems to be picnic tables in the old picnic area but when this was taken in 2010 there were no picnic tables left.  The Spot-A-Pot was but the table with an old cooler on the seat was not there.  The picture on the right shows a large black man sitting  at a table.  This raises other questions as each vision may be from a different contextual time line.   Long after the Amusement park was shut down the property was still used for other events even up to resent times. 

It is questions like this that show why we need more science in the paranormal.

The best is yet to come!


Taken at the swing ride where a girl who's name is believed to be Tabatha was killed when a Soda truck lost it's breaks in 1954 and drifted backwards into the ride killing the girl.   yet am Ovilus session reveals that the haunted swing is no longer there as it was destroyed in the accident and it seems to have also decapitated a boy in the inner swing.  You can see the legs of the boy in the missing swing and his Buster Brown shoes.  Notice that the boys swing does not line up with the other swings.  According to Mr. Gaylord White, the owner the swing was moved several feet.  Make note of the two children's faces to the left of the swing on the ground.



Above as we take random photos of the swing ride, again all alone early in the morning  we once again find a strange reverse silhouette of someone not there leaving our area.  Who was this person not detected by our own eye?  The rest of our party were hundreds of yards away and we were locked in the premises.  It did not even look like one of us!

Looking for a private EVP session I returned to the amusement area only to find that my flashlight has failed. Now I am in for it as I have a long dangerous walk around the large lake with no guidance on the path.  One false step and I am in the bog.  I decide to take mutable photos with my camera in front of my face to find and stay on the path.  Suddenly I am startled to the ground by this photo.   One more step forward and my body would never have been found as the path turns sharply to the right with only the lake in front of me. Did this guard dog save my life, you decide, I said "THANK YOU"



How did I get the information as to where the girl and boy were killed?   Not all believe in the use of the OVILUS, ( an instrument designed by Bill Chappell)



The OVILOS was talking to me in Panamail mode meaning that some one or something was directing the syllables it was saying.   

I received a further response!  



During an EVP session that we all attended a  strange thing did accure wile asking questions and for a sign of presence!



I received further information about the story of the Women killed on the Farris Wheel!  How she was killed because she was a witness her own Mothers execution.  



 All in all we had many strange things happen on this trip and must agree with Gaylord White that his property is haunted but not in a bad way!




An E V P recorded on one machine and played back on another may not always give you the same results.  Some speakers are better then others as the CODECS on some computers sound cards reproduce with a higher quality then others.  All clips recorded on this page were processed through a    A V S model 6.1 (PRO) AUDIO EDITOR and a THUNDERING E. C. S.  DOLBY 5.1 sound card


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