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Our concept here at The Paranormal Man Orginization


Is a Scientific Forensic style of research and a more Efficient means of accomplishing it. We do not operate as a core group investigating places where a person claims to have a problem with a haunting.


but we do work with many other groups that ask members of our staff to accumpany them on there investigation to add our expertise. Some of our staff members do belong to other core groups that do just that while others work independent of a group but all of us work together for a common goal to learn how to do what we do better and ultimately to get better results.


Let us first look back on the New England group that reenergized paranormal investigations. We are all familiar with the group known as “T.A.P.S.” This group was formed by two plumbers and being plumbers this helped them hone their skills as investigators. Why was this important you might ask? Because being plumbers they were conscience of many things that went bump in the night and day that we may first jump up to say, “That is Paranormal”! but they can debunk it with knowledge given them from their field of training.


Now The Paranormal Man is endeavoring to take this idea to an ultimate limit. Our concept is NOT to stop with the plumbers but add the Electrician The Computer expert The Scientist the Researcher the Engineer and most importantly the Inventor who with knowledge and foresight can come up with new inventions that can enhance and ultimately answer some of the many questions we still have about the paranormal.


The Paranormal Man


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