The Paranormal Man
Leadership Team

            Angelina Stevenson                     Herman (MIKE) Stevenson M.S.                 Kathy Moore


             (PARANORMAL BIO)                                         (PARANORMAL BIO)                                  (PARANORMAL BIO) 

                      Sensitive                                                     Audio Specialist/Engineer                                        Staff Investigator

        Junior Investigation Leader                                      Director of Operations                                        Protocol Administrator




               Maria  Zerfing                                      Sabrina Beackley                            Sam Carmen


            (PARANORMAL BIO)                                    (PARANORMAL BIO)                                            (PARANORMAL BIO)

                   Sensitive/Empathy                                                      Psychic/Medium                                                      Forensic Investigator

                 Display  Room Staff                                                       Staff Manager                                                        Display  Room Staff



We acknowledge the following Core Groups of our Staff Members


The Berkley Paranormal Society

The Ghost Club Suffolk, England

The Society of the Haunted

The Investigators League

The G.U.I. of Central Pa.



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