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QUESTION #1- From "Richard"-Why does the Paranormal Man NOT post links to other investigation groups?

ANSWER - The Paranormal Man in not an Investigation  group therefore we can not link to something we are not.   We are a Research Origination made up of members of other Investigation groups.  We take pride in being the ALL STARS of the teams because we work together with the top Investigators of each group represented and utilize there perspective  expertise!


QUESTION #2- From "Janet"-I was at a seminar a few weeks ago and I heard the speaker use the term, "The POP method of Ghost Hunting. What is the POP method?

ANSWER - First of all I never did like the term Ghost Hunting as any Investigator or researcher need only to go to a haunted place and they will find you. The first "P" pertains to one's PARTICIPATION in the cultural act and practices. That is the researcher becomes a member of a particular cultural time and place. The "O" stands for the OBSERVATION and recording of the scenarios being performed and adjusting the scenarios as the manifestation occurs in real time. The final "P" refers to the PERFORMANCE targeting a particular "dead" individual whose presence was know to occupy this time or space.  The shortened version is simply (Participate-Observe-Perform) 

For a better understanding I would suggest obtaining Professor John Sabols latest book "DIGGING UP GHOST"  ISBN-13-978-1461089384

QUESTION #3- From "Dave"-I have been an Investigator for over 20 years and when I get an "EVP" it is always a word or two, three tops.  I have noticed when you get an "EVP" or what you call a "EOC" you are getting phrases or even sentences.  How is that possible?

ANSWER - First we have to remember the concept behind The Paranormal Man.  We always seek to improve our methods and learn to use the procedures that give us the best results.  New types of research and methods are used.  When someone comes up with a methods or idea that seems to work our team looks into the how's, why's and wherefores.  We then put this into practice and teach others to do the same.  Our goal is never to stop learning.

For a better understanding of,  "EOC" I would suggest obtaining Professor John Sabols latest book "DIGGING UP GHOST"  ISBN-13-978-1461089384

I would also suggest reading the books of Randall Keller

Most of us at"The Paranormal Man", are Technicians, Scientist, Inventers and Engineers. Others are people like you who possess a particular talent that we find most useful in our research.

We always try to take and explore the anomaly that shows up in investigations we are involved with and find answers to why things happen the way they do, as well as why one person my get E V P’s and not another and why some investigators get a higher average of Photo’s of Apparitions or Shadow Ghost then others that have been in the field sometimes twice as long.

We however only see what is in our box. You on the other hand are out of our box and can see other things or maybe even have other questions about things that we never considered. It is for this reason that we welcome your response to questions about what we do as well as,” what if's", situations or even just to share what you have encountered or learned by your experiences.


Please E-Mail us your questions about our research or any item you may wish us to look into to get a better understanding of why things are what they are or just to get closer to the real truth.

For something specific to Audio or E. V. P.'s contact: mike@theparanormalman.com

As always all questions may be sent directly to our question forum contact: questions@theparanormalman.com

The Paranormal Man