Our latest Equipment Project


(Ion / static field effect devices)



We started this project about six months ago when information became available that certain types of radio receivers reacted in a strange manner in paranormal encounters.  There seemed to be a correlation between atmospheric changes and certain transistor parts used in the more modern front ends (the part of a radio that actually receives the signal),  and the similar types of changes in the surrounding atmosphere during a paranormal occurrence.  It had been determined that a particular transistor was the reason for the reaction.   This transistor  by its very design contained the properties our field needed to developed devices to aid us in our research in the paranormal.  I will not start any tall tail because our field has enough drama in it already for a soap opera and attempt to take credit for this discovery.  There are several Companies out there rushing to get to the table first with products, Just as there are many Investigative groups producing there own versions of a device.  I would like to also caution everyone that there are just as many charlatans out there who will take your hard earned money and give you an inferior product.  I have bought and tested many products from around the United States and several other Countries.  Wile I do not profess to be an expert on the devices I as an Electrical Engineer do understand it.  

We have been working on different types of devices for use in different applications.  Some are looking promising and some not.  Below I have given you some of the results so you may see for yourself the amount of work the serious researcher puts into his or her work.


Herman (MIKE) Stevenson MS.






As can be seen a lot of work and proper testing goes in before you can produce a finished product.





Above is a prototype that was scraped because although the device tested well on the bench, We found that in practical use it failed to perform as expected.   We noted that the aluminum plates that worked well for radio waves did not work at all in an ion field or a static charged environment.







   Our final project involved an idea I had to make a version of the device that was simple in design but able to do what all the other versions for sale out there could do.  I also wonted it to be handy and small enough to carry around in a pocket or a camera bag.  This with the fact that you could carry more then one would make a good detection device and with having more then one available you could detect direction. 

The other device shown here is still in testing before final release.  It also has the ability to let you know if your K-2 meters are acting on cell phones or not.  We will inform you of it's progress.


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