Farm House Two

March 25th 2011


Below are some of the many beautiful  rooms that we investigated. 

The sad thing is the place is so haunted by the former occupants that

NO ONE has been able to rent the Farm House since it was remodeled.




 Our EVP's 

 In the Attack


Wile doing an EVP session in the attack we encountered a few strange accuracies.   It seems that the entities in the attack wished us to always know that they were there.  If we were in one side of the attack we would here tapping from the other and when we moved to that side we would get the tapping from the other side.

We did get many EVP's most of them were peoples names.  I will be making a list at the end of this investigation for your future reference


E V P- 100-7115-003001050-003018648.mp3

E V P- 100-7115-003001050-003018648EVP+15.mp3

JUST THE E V P- "Ida".mp3"



E V P- 100-7115-003135853-003220982.mp3

E V P- 100-7115-003135853-003220982EVP+15.mp3

JUST THE E V P- "Mathew".mp3"


Back Basement


JUST THE E V P- "Warren".mp3"




Just as in the attack, again we hear people walking around in the basement  that we are in.  Opening doors and walking around, even walking up to my recorder and seeming to touch it, all the sounds but nothing moves!

E V P- 100-7115-000136067-000224101.mp3


Dining Room


Again Patrick and Marilee where checking the recordings.  Again a unrelated EVP is picked up wile I was recording the incident.  

"Chucky it's your fault"

E V P- 103-4783-0001535462-001557473.mp3

E V P- 103-4783-0001535462-001557473EVP+15.mp3

JUST THE E V P- "Chucky it's your fault".mp3" 


Living Room


Marilee and Patrick Burns were doing an EVP session with me in the living Room.  Marilee said, Didn't the Eisenhower's live in this house.  Patrick agreed with Marilee that he believed that  "IKE" and his family had resided in this farm house.   After making the statement I received the EVP "Not Really".  I checked into the response we received and found that this building and grounds housed the mangier of the horse farm  and his family.  It also housed his office for the horse farm 

"Not Really" 

E V P- 100-3579-000542343-000555343.mp3

E V P- 100-3579-000542343-000555343EVP+15.mp3

JUST THE E V P- "Not Really".mp3"


Again Patrick and Marilee where checking the recordings.  Again a unrelated EVP is picked up wile I was recording the incident.  


E V P- 100-3569- 000052000-000053921.mp3

E V P- 100-3569-000052000-000053921INR+12.mp3

JUST THE E V P- "Elwood".mp3" 


Again Patrick and Marilee where checking the recordings.  Again a unrelated EVP is picked up.


E V P- 100-3569- 000200964-000237964.mp3

E V P- 100-3569-000200964-000237964-NR+12.mp3

JUST THE E V P- "Mary".mp3" 




Picture one below was taken in the dark.  The spade shaped item in the upper left corner was giving off its own light.  The second picture has a strange gray strip at the bottom for no apparent reason.  The third picture has the strange gray bar over the entire lower half of the picture.  The upper half has blue squares.  The blue light comes from a UV lamp.  What the squares are is the real question as there was nothing in the room to make that shape.  




An E V P recorded on one machine and played back on another may not always give you the same results.  Some speakers are better then others as the CODECS on some computers sound cards reproduce with a higher quality then others.  All clips recorded on this page were processed through a    A V S model 7.2 (PRO) AUDIO EDITOR and a THUNDERING E. C. S.  DOLBY 5.1 sound card


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