The Investigation of


Point Lookout/Ft. Lincoln




Wile walking the path from the Lighthouse to the Fort we encountered a strange guard blocking our way! 


We started taking many shots using the full spectrum camera!

It seemed to start paying off immediately 





An object seemed to appear in the lower right corner of this full spectrum picture!

As can be seen it was taken in the wooded area to the right of the old fort!

 Close observation shows us it is a child sitting by the tree holding two pups of some type!

(There was no child there when this shot was taken @ 21:57:44)



This photo was taken behind the Fort looking down an open field. 

It clearly shows us we are not alone in the night!


Except for the guard in front close examination reveals that there are seven prisoners

behind him that seem to be wearing prisoner yokes followed by a supply horse!

(Having the feeling of presents I walked forward to take more pictures.  Twice

my camera was forcibly knocked out of my hands to the ground even though

I had a strap around my wrist!  The air seemed very thick at that time!)



I was never sure who this character was, no one in the analyzing Department could agree.

The only thing was it did not show up to the naked eye!



This picture was shot because I had sensed a presence.  I am not much on the ORB's

Again it left us scratching our heads.  There was no girl, no pocket watch

just what looks like a giant rabbit!   E-Mail me your guess?


There were no Anomalous pictures in the Light House


E. V. P.'s


           Sam was doing an EVP session in the Cupola Stairwell asking questions about laughing.  He asked "Can you laugh?"  He got the response: 

{You should see me laugh!}

Audio clip normal  

Audio clip enhanced  

E V P class-A


Andrews group was on the second floor and Andrew realized that they had left there K-2 meter on the stairs.  He asked one of the girls to retrieve it.  When she went to the stairs I got this EVP

{Stop Her!}

Audio clip normal  

E V P class-A


Andrews group was doing a Franks Box session in the Front Room on the South side.  They started to clown around laughing and making loud whooping sounds.  This seemed to upset the departed Light House keeper!  I recorded this response to the noise. 

{ The response "What are you doing in my place?" }  

AUDIO clip normal

AUDIO clip enhanced

E V P class-B+


Sam was running an EVP session in the Front room on the North side.  A young Female is known to be in that room.  Sam asked the girl, "Do you want to say HI?"  From two rooms away I recorded a girls voice


AUDIO clip normal

AUDIO clip enhanced

E V P class-B


I left a recorder running in the old dinning room wile I was at Fort Lincoln investigating.  When Richard, Dave and Myself returned and entered into the kitchen to change up our gear, it would seem that we disturbed a former Owner as he made this remark!

{What are you all doing in my place?'}

AUDIO clip normal

AUDIO clip enhanced

E V P class-B


Sam was doing another EVP session in middle room South side and from the North side middle room I recorded an answer to his statement.   It seemed he was asking if he or his group had caused any problems for the spirit in the room with them and was there anything he could do for the spirit.  He got his answer!

 {Leave the light House!}

AUDIO clip normal

AUDIO clip enhanced

E V P class-B-


I saved the best for last as it is in two parts.  Sam, Mary and Myself were in the Front Basement on the South side doing an EVP session.  Do to the fact that the walls even in the basement are thin we were getting contamination from the North side where Richard and Dave were conducting there own session.  Richard and Dave were loudly discussing there session with each other before they ascended the stairs.  At the point when they became quit I recorded an EVP.  I am not sure if it was referencing Richard and Dave but the timing was perfect and it said.

{The fight in the back is finished}  

AUDIO clip normal

AUDIO clip enhanced

E V P class-B-


A few moments past in the silence then you could here Richard and Dave going up the stairs to the first floor.  As we noticed the silence  of there retreat I received still another EVP.  

{The crowds gone up!}

AUDIO clip normal

AUDIO clip enhanced

E V P class-B




Some Full Spectrum photos were color shaded to bring out the contrast in the picture

An E V P recorded on one machine and played back on another may not always give you the same results.  Some speakers are better then others as the CODECS on some computers sound cards reproduce with a higher quality then others.  All clips recorded on this page were processed through a    A V S model 6.1 (PRO) AUDIO EDITOR and a THUNDERING E. C. S.  DOLBY 5.1 sound card


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