EHF: Extremely High Frequency, is the highest radio frequency band.  It runs a range of frequencies from 30 to 300 gig-a-hertz or (gig-a-cycle).   Above this band are Electromagnetic radiation band and is sometimes called the Low Infrared or (far) Infrared band.  It also has a wavelength of ten to one millimeter giving it the name Millimeter band or (Millimeter Wave).  [Wikipedia]

ELF: Extremely Low Frequency, is a term used to describe electromagnetic radiation waves in a frequency range from 3 to300 Hz.  They have a corresponding wavelength from 100,000 to 1000 kilometers.  This is also the frequency band that includes lightning and planetary magnetic waves.  This is the band we as paranormal investigators are most interested in for natural EMF generation.  It mite be good to note that man made waves in this band are also sometimes present.  The 60 cycle line current in the United States and the 50 cycle line current in Europe sometimes show up during an investigation and must be noted.

EMF: Electro Motive (or Magnetic) Force, Was first studied by Michael Faraday a British physicist (1791-1867).  Our own Albert Einstein American physicist (1879-1955) also studied the same principals from the earth science (chemical) and found that Faradays formula worked equally as will in both fields :  .  Even though most may not understand the formula within our use and understanding of EMF, because of it we know that an EMF reading around an electrical wire only happens when the electric is flowing through the wire.  This is the real reason for turning off lights when investigating and not just to be in the dark. 




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