St. Mary's Episcopal Church Grave Yard

Burlington, New Jersey  

Investigation Results

May 14th 2016


Our first interest was to visit Elias Boudinot's grave site as he was the first real president of the continental United States.

This also combined with the fact that most of the graves there were from the 1700 and the grave sites showed many rituals

remains that were used by many people who were buried there and those that attended funerals there.   This included the 

members of the friends Church as much as the Masons.


The graveyard has a pleasant setting and there are many graves an close groups.  It was an interesting site to see

and had many very interesting tomb stones and above ground Moslems.



During the investigation I used my ION dongels to check for ionic changes in the atmosphere around Mr. Boudintos grave.  I

encountered a strange occurrence during this investigative Tec knick.  There seemed to be a build up of Infra Red building up 

around both dongels.    The dongels were both registering high ionic levels.  At one point the second dongel seem to have a small

 figure next two it that had manifested. 


As the dongel showed a lower ION level the figure disappeared.



Later our HD camera picked up a strange Blue ORB that appeared over a tombstone

 in the middle of the graveyard where camera #2 was pointed.


A few seconds afterwards  a Red ORB appeared in the center of it!  There were no cars going by

at the time or was there anyone in that area with a flashlight!


EMI's and AUDIO clips

I must add this disclaimer for the skeptic out there.  Many of the clips you will hear below will sound like a 

live human voice.  Normal human speech both Male and Female will range from about 1000 hertz to 20,000 hertz .

Our hearing will allow us to hear sounds as low as 20 hertz.  In every clip below human speech frequencies were

 all removed.  That is from 850 hertz UP were removed and the remains were then cleaned up.

Herman (MIKE) Stevenson M.S.  Director of The Paranormal Man Org.

{Several times during the night several camera audio tracks and audio recorders picked up what sounds like a women screaming.  

The interesting thing is NO ONE heard the sound with there own ears.}

EMI CAM1-entire clip

EMI CAM1 entire clip ENHANCED

EMI CAM2-entire clip

{Everyone was getting many strange word phrases showing that there were many entities wishing to say something but some of the phrases seemed to be out of 

context to our questions OR could it be that they were trying to give us a message of there own?  On another note could they be talking about me being

ONE FOOT OUT  of the grave?}



Next as our younger investigators were busy walking around checking for E M spikes.  They were being very careful not to walk directly on each grave in the path,

oddly enough this was picked up by CAMERA 2 audio track as they walked through the area nearby. anyone !

MALE VOICE: See they walked around!     FEMALE VOICE: Walk around!

EMI CAM2 entire clip

EMI CAM2 entire clip ENHANCED

EMI CAM2 entire clip FILTERED

"The final audio we received from our camera units that were strategically placed through out the graveyard.   We received more instructions.

Evidently we walked by a few entities and were not able to recognize there presents as they attempted to contact us!

MALE VOICE: Can't you see I am up here?     FEMALE VOICE:  There not hearing me?

EMI CAMERA 2 entire clip



The RT unit was able to pick up strange audio and EMI's also!  Wile walking around the graveyard hoping to get some EVP's or EMI's

I pick up a strange audio of a female saying "HELLO".  Trying to keep this a scientific investigation I put the audio clip through some vigorous testing.

Using a Spectrum Analyzer I examined the base frequency of the audio and found it to be within the EVP/EMI range of 691 cycles.

What was even more strange was the even the base frequency was recorded at a level of -41DB.  It became audible because the RT unit was set to +90DB.

Again the RT-EVP unit was picking up the voice where NO ONE was hearing the audio from there own ears!

EMI RT CLIP entire clip




This was the final recording for the night and I might add took much filtering to bring it out.  This recording seems to concern two of our investigators,

 a young male and female team.  They once again seemed to be giving them instructions.  They seemed to be very concerned as to where the two were

walking.  {AGAIN IT TOOK SEVERAL LEVELS OF FILTERING} In the raw clip you can hear us all talking as we are conducting our

 investigation.   The instructions were hidden under our own speech.   After I removed all the human speech the entities words were there!  


SECOND INSTRUCTION: Get Her............Stop!

EMI RT CLIP entire clip




An E V P recorded on one machine and played back on another may not always give you the same results.  Some speakers are better then others as the codecs on some computers sound cards reproduce with a higher quality then others.  All clips recorded on this page were processed through a    A V S model 8.0 (PRO) AUDIO EDITOR and a THUNDERING E. C. S.  DOLBY 6.1 sound card




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